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Disability Information Scotland

Disability Information Scotland

Disability Information Scotland work with disabled people, their families, friends, carers and people who work in the sector.

Disability Information Scotland Vision

Sharing information, enabling change. Disability Information Scotland enable positive change by sharing information on disability when people need it, in a way they want it.

Mission Statement:

We provide reliable, accurate and accessible information throughout Scotland. We develop creative partnerships with other agencies to ensure information is widely distributed, accessible to all and has a positive impact on the lives of disabled people, their families, friends and carers and the people who work with them. We work with people to find out what information they need and how they would like it provided.


Our values inspire and inform all that we do:

  • Care about people;
  • Strive to provide a high quality, tailored, person-centred service;
  • Take a positive approach in all our work;
  • Subscribe to the social model of disability;
  • Are open to, and encourage and support, new and interesting ideas and ways of working;
  • Believe in the importance of building meaningful relationships with everyone we encounter.

Disability Information Scotland logo

Disability Information Scotland,
Norton Park,
57 Albion Road
Edinburgh, EH7 5QY
Telephone logo : 0300 323 9961
World Wide Web Logo :
email symbol :

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Disabled Living Foundation

National section logoDisabled Living Foundation

Disabled Living Foundation LogoThe Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) is the UK’s leading source of expert advice and information about all types of daily living equipment for older and disabled people and their families and carers.

DLF’s advice and product information allows individuals and relatives to make informed decisions and relevant lifestyle changes – all of which can help an individual remain independent in their home for longer, and provide the carer with peace of mind.

Whether you’re finding certain tasks a bit more difficult as you get older, you have a disability yourself, or you know someone in this situation, DLF can help.

With a huge range of equipment available, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start.

  • How do you know what is available?
  • How do you know what is right for you?
  • Where do you go to buy equipment?
  • How do you know if a supplier is reputable?

DLF provides the answers to all these questions. Our comprehensive database, listing over 10,000 daily living aids, allows you to research and compare relevant products and read unbiased information about equipment before contacting suppliers.

In addition to our equipment and supplier information, we have a wide range of fact sheets to help with everything from choosing a mobility scooter to assisting someone with eating. Written by occupational therapists, they identify easier ways of doing tasks, which equipment might help and when to ask for a professional assessment.

For individuals who are aware of their difficulties but are not sure which equipment may help them, try DLF’s online self-help guide, AskSARA. By selecting a topic and answering a few questions a free personalised report is produced, offering tailored advice on ways to help with daily activities, as well as a comprehensive list of products and suppliers to browse through.

For more information visit:

If you need any further assistance or advice about daily living aids, our Helpline is open 10am-4pm,
Monday to Friday. Telephone logo : 0300 999 0004.
Calls will be charged at local rate.
email symbol :

Disabled Living Foundation is Part of Shaw Trust

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Euan’s Guide

National section logoEuan’s Guide

Euans Guide Logo all text in light greenWe all navigate the world in different ways. Euan’s Guide makes it easier for disabled people to find great places to go. We all want to get out there and enjoy life, and having good quality disabled access information reduces unnecessary hassle, inspires confidence and removes fear of the unknown.

World Wide Web Logo : is the disabled access review site where disabled people, their family, friends and carers can find and share reviews on the accessibility of venues around the UK and beyond. The site is an invaluable tool for everything from planning a day out, to picking a last-minute place for coffee or lunch.

Euan’s Guide believe in making the world more accessible one review at a time. There are now thousands of disabled access reviews and listing on Euan’s Guide. With good accessibility information being so hard to find, one review is often enough to encourage others to visit. Euan’s Guide is opening the door for more people to find new and exciting places to go. Reviews are also sent to venue owners, and this can be a positive and powerful opportunity for education and change.

The charity was founded in 2013 by Euan MacDonald MBE, a powerchair user and his sister Kiki after Euan was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and a lack of disabled access made everyday experiences stressful. By breaking down the barriers of exclusion with the help of other people in the same situation, Euan’s Guide hopes to give everyone the freedom to explore.

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Help with Housing Adaptations

National section logoHelp with Housing Adaptations

Midlothian Council Community Care Service offers assessments to help people with disabilities to be as independent as possible in daily living tasks at home.

The outcome of the assessment may lead to a recommendation for a major adaptation. Assessments for these are normally provided by Community Care Occupational Therapists. The aim is to support people where, without a major adaptation to their property, the person would be unable to continue to live at home safely or independently.

Adapted shower with roll in roll out chairA major adaptation could be:

  • Replacing the bath with a walk in shower
  • A stairlift
  • A ramp for wheelchair access
  • Fitting lower work surfaces to make the kitchen more manageable

The recommendation for any adaptation relates to the disabled person’s current and long-term needs and links to the anticipated course of their impairment. The needs of the carers will also be considered. Decisions about whether to support an adaptation will take into account the benefits to the disabled person’s independence and support to carers over the long term. Sometimes an adaptation to your home is not feasible and the only way to meet your long term needs would be to move to another property. The Occupational Therapist will assist you to explore all your options.


Funding for major adaptations depends on the ownership of the home. If the disabled person is an owner occupier, or tenant in private rented property, a Home Improvement Grant may be available towards the cost of an adaptation.

If the person lives in council or housing association property the adaptation will normally be funded by the landlord.

The minimum home improvement grant you will get is 80% of the total cost. If you are on certain benefits then a grant could be 100%.
Before an application for a home improvement grant is submitted, an Occupational Therapist from the Community Care Service must be consulted and agree the work, and written documentation obtained identifying the relevant work.

This process is further outlined in the Scheme of Assistance available from Environmental Health and available on the Midlothian Council website. This download has been removed please search World Wide Web Logo : for more information

Contact Midlothian Council:

If you would like an appointment to discuss your situation or about a relative or friend,
contact us on Telephone logo : 0131 271 3900 during office hours: Monday - Thursday 9:00-5:00 Friday 9:00-3:30
Adults and Community Care (Adult Services)
Fairfield House,
8 Lothian Road,
EH22 3AA
Telephone logo : 0131-271-3900
email symbol :

You can get more information from:

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Housing Options Scotland

National section logoHousing Housing Options Scotland logo Options Scotland

Housing Options Scotland was established in 1997 to provide a unique public access service to all disabled people throughout Scotland. Housing Options Scotland does not directly provide housing, what Housing Options Scotland does provide is detailed information and advice that will enable you to find the right home for you. Housing Options Scotland’s main aim is to ensure that disabled people have access to suitable housing in the tenure of their choice and recognising that gaining access to owner-occupation remains problematic.

Housing Options Scotland has three main areas of activity. Firstly, we directly assist disabled people by advising them on, and supporting them through, the complex design, financial and legal processes involved in buying or renting a property. Secondly, we provide information, advice and training on housing and disability issues to the public, private and voluntary sectors to improve the service disabled people get. Finally, we raise the awareness of the problems disabled people face in relation to their housing and highlight the solutions and opportunities that exist.

Housing Options Scotland has a dedicated team of volunteers. These volunteers enable Housing Options Scotland as an organisation to learn about the housing problems disabled people face by directly assisting them, and using the knowledge we gain to effect changes in policies and practice.

Housing Options Scotland logoYou can contact Housing Options Scotland:
Housing Options Scotland
The Melting Pot,
15 Calton Road,
Edinburgh, EH8 8DL.
Telephone logo : 0131 510 1567
World Wide Web Logo :
facebook logo :
Twitter Logo : @HousingOpsScot

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Inclusion Scotland

National section logoInclusion Scotland

Inclusion Scotland lohoNothing About Us. Without Us.

Inclusion Scotland mission statement

Inclusion Scotland works to achieve positive changes to policy and practice, so that we disabled people are fully included throughout all Scottish society as equal citizens.

  • Influencing decision-makers, ensuring that disabled people are involved in developing effective solutions for policy and practice that reflect our expertise by experience and meet our needs and aspirations.
  • Supporting disabled people to be decision-makers themselves, promoting the equal representation of disabled people as policy-makers and our right to make decisions about our own lives.
  • Developing capacity, awareness and engagement, of disabled people, disabled people’s organisations, and the organisations and institutions that affect our lives.

Inclusion Scotland,
22-24 Earl Grey Street,
Edinburgh, EH3 9BN
Telephone logo : 0131 370 6700
email symbol :
we have a regularly updated website: World Wide Web Logo :
You can also follow our work by ‘liking’ us on Facebook.
facebook logo :
Instagram Logo :
Twitter Logo :
Charity No. SC 031619

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SP Energy Network

National section logoSP Energy Network

If you have a disability make sure you register that disability with your electricity supplier, once on the Priority Service Register and you have a power outage you should call your network operator. Cordless phones will not work as they require power to connect the phone to the land-line. From a mobile phone call your network operator or the emergency number 105.

You can join the SP Energy Network Priority Services Register if:

  • You are over the age of 60,
  • Have a special communication need,
  • Depend on electricity for home or medical care,
  • Have a child under 5 years of age,
  • Have chronic illness,
  • Feel you need a little extra help.

If you register with the Priority Service they will let you know in advance of a planned interruption to your electricity supply and they will keep in touch with regular updates during a power cut and if necessary, can work with external agencies who may be able to assist.

To register for Priority Services Register:

Text PSR to 61999. We will normally contact you within 48 hours.

Fill out the form on World Wide Web Logo : Download the form from complete and return to address below. Requires a printer,

Telephone logo : 0330 10 10 167
email symbol :
Customer Contact team,
SP Energy Networks,
3rd Floor 320 St Vincent Street,
Glasgow, G2 5AD.

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National section logoScottish Members of Parliament


The Scottish Parliament
Edinburgh EH99 1SP
Telephone logo : 0131 348 5000
Telephone logo : 0800 092 7500


Jeremy Balfour

email symbol :
facebook logo :
Twitter Logo : jeremyrbalfour

Scottish Conservative
Scottish Conservitive logo

Colin Beattie

164 High Street
Dalkeith EH22 1AY
email symbol :
facebook logo : ColinBeattieMSP
Twitter Logo : uartlach

SNP Logo

Christine Grahame

46 High Street
Galashiels TD1 1SE
email symbol :
World Wide Web Logo :
facebook logo : ChristineGrahameMSP

SNP Logo

Sarah Boyack

email symbol :
facebook logo : SarahBoyackMSP

Scottish Labour
Scottish labour logo

Foysol Choudhury

email symbol :
facebook logo : FoysolChoudhuryMSP/
Twitter Logo : FoysolChoudhury

Scottish Labour
Scottish labour logo

Miles Briggs

email symbol :

Scottish Conservative
Scottish Conservitive logo

Alison Johnstone

email symbol :


Lorna Slater

email symbol :

Scottish Greens
Scottish Greens Logo

Sue Webber

email symbol :

Scottish Conservative
Scottish Conservitive logo

Member of the House of Commons

Owen Thompson
House of Commons,

email symbol :
Telephone logo : 020 7219 3000

SNP Logo

Everyone in Scotland is represented by eight MSP's: one for their constituency and seven for the larger region in which they live. This allows a choice of MSP for you to contact. Midlothian is also represented by one MP in the UK Government.

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NForward Mid Section logoNegation

The contents of this Directory were correct as of September 2023

Every care has been taken to ensure that the content of this work is accurate at the time of writing. However, no responsibility for loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of any statement in this work can be accepted by the authors

Some contact details change from time to time if you are having difficulty in contacting somewhere please contact Forward Mid Telephone logo : 0131-663-9471 and we will try to find you the new contact details and update our directory. Forward Mid do not accept any responsibility for errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information.

Alternative copies of this directory may be available on request, large print and audio CD. The individual pages have been checked with the use NVDA screen reader

This online version of the Directory will be updates from time to time, there is a page last updated date at the foot of every page this will indicate when the page you are viewing on this web site was last updated

Many thanks to all the organisation’s for allowing Forward Mid to use their logos

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Midlothian Voluntary Action
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Telephone logo : 0131-663-9471

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