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Forward Mid Directory 2020

Forward Mid Directory 2020, The links above open the pages selected. we hope that you find it enjoyable and useful. If you think Forward Mid has missed something out of this directory we apologise for this please contact us so we can make sure it is included in the next directory. Please inform Forward Mid in one of these three ways:
Email: email symbol
Phone Eric Johnstone on Telephone logo 0131-663-9471.
If you wish you can post the story to Forward Mid send it to:
Eric Johnstone,
Forward Mid,
4-6 White Hart Street,
EH22 1AE.
If you have any trouble opening any newsletter please contact us so we may rectify the fault.

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Midlothian Council section logoCouncil Building Accessibility

Council buildings with public access.

Work has been carried out to make Council buildings, to which the public have entry, more accessible.

The work has been completed under the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act (1995).


  Bonnyrigg Primary School, Cockpen Rd, EH19 3HR   Telephone logo 0131 271 4570

  Cherry Rd Resource Centre 8 Cherry Rd EH19 3ED   Telephone logo 0131 561 5418

  Hawthornden Primary School 1A Polton Ave Rd, EH19 2NZ   Telephone logo 0131 663 2934

  Hopefield Primary School, 144 Burnbrae Rd, EH19 3GB   Telephone logo 0131 271 4605

  King George V Park, Pavilion King George V Pk EH19 2AD   Telephone logo 0131 654 1035

  Lasswade Centre, Eskdale Drive EH19 2LA,   Telephone logo 0131 271 4533
  Includes Lasswade High School, Telephone logo   0131 271 4530,
  Lasswade Library Telephone logo   0131 271 4534

  Lasswade Primary School 7A Pendreich Drive EH19 2DZ   Telephone logo 0131 663 4579

  St Mary’s Primary School, 62a Polton St, EH19 3DG   Telephone logo 0131 663 8646

  Waverley Park - Pavilion 16 Waverley Drive EH19 3BL   Telephone logo 0131 654 1036


  Danderhall Leisure Centre 1B Campview EH22 1QD   Telephone logo 0131 663 9280

  Danderhall Library 1A Campview EH22 1QD   Telephone logo 0131 663 9293

  Danderhall Primary School 59 Edmonstone Rd EH22 1QL   Telephone logo 0131 663 2400


  Buccleuch House 1 White Hart Street EH22 1AE Telephone logo 0131 270 7500

  Cowden Park - Pavilion 35B Cowden Park EH22 9XX Telephone logo 0131 654 1037

  Dalkeith Community Campus 2 Cousland Rd EH22 2PX   Telephone logo 0131 654 4701,
  Includes Dalkeith High School and St Davids High School

  Dalkeith Indoor Bowling Club 4 Old Edinburgh Road EH22 1JD   Telephone logo 0131 660 3223

  Dalkeith Library 2 White Hart Street EH22 1AE   Telephone logo 0131 663 2083

  Eskdaill Court Offices 1 Eskdaill Court EH22 1AG   Telephone logo 0131 270 7500

  Eskdaill Court Offices (GF&1F) 5 Eskdaill Court EH22 1AG   Telephone logo 0131 270 7500

  Fairfield House 8 Lothian Road EH22 1DR   Telephone logo 0131 270 7500

  Lawfield Primary School 26 Lawfield Road Mayfield EH22 5BB   Telephone logo 0131 660 5175

  Trading Standards 9 Ironmills Road EH22 1JN   Telephone logo 0131 270 7500

  Kings Park - New Pavilion 7 Eskbank Road EH22 1HD   Telephone logo 0131 654 1039

  Park Primary 20B Croft Street EH22 3BA   Telephone logo 0131 663 2414

  Midlothian House 40 Buccleuch Street EH22 1AB   Telephone logo 0131 270 7500

  Mayfield Primary School, Stone Avenue, Eh22 5PB   Telephone logo 0131 663 0546

  Newbattle Community Campus Leisure Centre, Newbattle Way, Easthouses, EH22 4SX,
  (Swimming pool) Telephone logo 0131 561 6740
  (Library) Telephone logo 0131 561 6745

  St Davids RC Primary School 2c Lauder Road EH22 2PU   Telephone logo 0131 663 2002

  St Luke's Primary School Stone Avenue Mayfield EH22 5PB   Telephone logo 0131 663 3857

  Woodburn Primary School, 5 Cousland Road, Dalkeith EH22 2PS   Telephone logo 0131 271 4715


  Gorebridge Leisure Centre 78 Hunterfield Road EH23 4TT   Telephone logo 01875 821 739

  Gorebridge Library 90 Hunterfield Road EH23 4TT   Telephone logo 01875 820 630

  Gorebridge Primary School, 2c Barleyknowe Lane, EH23 4XA Telephone logo 0131 271 4595

  Gore Glen Primary School, Whitehouse Way EH23 4FP   Telephone logo 0131 444 9026

  Moorfoot Primary School, 41 Borthwick Castle Road North Middleton EH23 4QS Telephone logo 01875 822 989

  St Andrews Primary School Stobhill Road Gowkshill EH23 4PE Telephone logo 01875 820 133

  Stobhill Primary School 1 Bonnybank Court EH23 4DT   Telephone logo 01875 820 492

  Vogrie Country Park Gorebridge EH23 4NU   Telephone logo 01875 821 716


  Midlothian Snowsports Centre Biggar Road EH10 7DU   Telephone logo 0131 445 4433


  Loanhead Library 1A George Avenue EH20 9LA   Telephone logo 0131 440 0824

  Loanhead Leisure Centre and Paradykes Primary School, George Ave EH20 9LA
  (leisure) Telephone logo 0131 440 4516
  (Paradykes) Telephone logo 0131 271 4650

  Loanhead Primary School 34 Edgefield Road EH20 9DY   Telephone logo 0131 440 0448

  Loanhead Town Hall 6 Academy Lane EH20 9RP   Telephone logo 0131 448 2110

  Loanhead/St Margaret's Primary School 36 Edgefield Road EH20 9DY
  Telephone logo 0131 440 0453


  Newbattle Community Learning Centre, 67 Gardiner Place, EH22 4RT  Telephone logo 0131 663 6055

  Newtongrange Leisure Centre 115B Main Street EH22 4PG   Telephone logo 0131 663 4276

  Newtongrange Library 31 Main Street EH22 9XX   Telephone logo 0131 663 1816

  Newtongrange Primary School 1a Sixth Street EH22 4LB   Telephone logo 0131 663 3238


  Tynewater Primary School 32 Crichton Road EH37 5RA   Telephone logo 01875 320 850

  Callendar Park Pathhead,EH37 5YN, booking   Telephone logo 0131 663 2219


  Beeslack High School Edinburgh Road EH26 0QF   Telephone logo 01968 678 060

  Cornbank St James Primary School 34 Marchburn Drive EH26 9HE   Telephone logo 01968 673 422

  Cuiken Primary School 150 Cuiken Terrace EH26 0AH   Telephone logo 01968 672 778

  Cuikenburn Nursery 60 Queensway EH26 0HE   Telephone logo 01968 677 748

  Mauricewood Primary 11 Muirhead Place EH26 0LE   Telephone logo 01968 673 595

  Penicuik High School 39A Carlops Road EH26 9EP   Telephone logo 01968 674 165

  Penicuik Centre 39A Carlops Road EH26 9EP   Telephone logo 01968 664 066
  Penicuik Library   Telephone logo 01968 664 050

  Penicuik Town Hall - Main Building 33 High Street EH26 8HS   Telephone logo 01968 672 281

  Sacred Heart RC Primary School 22a Crocket Gdns EH26 9BB   Telephone logo 01968 675 036

  Strathesk Primary School 4 Eastfield Farm Road EH26 8EZ   Telephone logo 01968 678 093


  Rosewell Primary School 85 Carnethie Street EH24 9AN   Telephone logo 0131 440 2233


  Bilston Park - Pavilion 2 Myrtle Crescent Bilston EH25 9RU   Telephone logo 0131 440 3099

  Bilston Primary School 2 park Ave Bilston EH25 9ND   Telephone logo 0131 444 9021

  Roslin Library, 9 Main Street EH25 9LD   Telephone logo 0131 448 2781

  Roslin Primary School 8 Pentland View Place EH25 9ND   Telephone logo 0131 440 1871

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Midlothian Council section logoMidlothian Libraries

Midlothian Libraries are for everyone, they are free and local. There aren’t many services which can make that claim.

Midlothian’s nine fully accessible libraries that are strategically placed, therefore, a library is never far away. Midlothian’s Mobile Library brings library services out into our communities. Completely free Membership gives those joining access to the full range of library services, which include:

  • A comprehensive collection of fiction and non-fiction books. If the book you want isn’t on the shelf at your local branch, free requests mean you can request it from anywhere in Midlothian. We maintain a comprehensive range of books in large print and on audio CDs.
  • Music CDs and DVDs to keep you entertained, amused, or help you learn.
  • Membership allows unlimited access to an extensive range of electronic resources. These include e-books and e-audio titles, online comics, and a range of online newspapers and magazines. You can download these from home using your membership card – and as there are no overdue fines for online material, they are collected automatically at the end of a loan.
  • A broad range of free workshops, activities and events take place every week, from talks given by authors to knitting groups and storytelling sessions amongst much more. Telephone your local library or check Facebook page Facebook logo to discover upcoming events.
  • Midlothian Travel information is obtainable at every library, including bus timetables, bus pass card application forms, and blue badge application forms. Libraries can process bus pass applications for the over 60s and disabled, if you have lost your card you can report it at your library. At Newbattle Library Blue Badge, forms can be handed in and payment made.
  • Free use of computers and access to the internet in all branches, including free WiFi for your own device.
  • Hearing Aid battery collection points in all libraries. Hearing Aid Maintenance Clinic at Dalkeith Library, first Wednesday of every month, 10:30 hrs -11:30 hrs
  • Information about the local area, including local groups and services.

If you can’t leave your house and visit the library because you have mobility problems the library can make arrangements to get books to you via our book delivery volunteer network. Email email symbol to find out how to access the Home Delivery Service.

Midlothian library service is also online where you can register check for a books availability and also reserve a book, you can also track your loans to ensure they are returned at the correct time. Visit for more information

Midlothian Libraries

Dalkeith Library,

2 White Hart Street,
Dalkeith EH22 1AE
Telephone logo 0131 663 2083
Email: email symbol

Danderhall Library,

services libraries supply1a Campview,
Danderhall, EH22 1QB
Telephone logo 0131 663 9293
Email: email symbol

Gorebridge Library,

98 Hunterfield Road
Gorebridge, EH23 4TT
Telephone logo 01875 820 630
Email: email symbol

Lasswade Library,

19 Eskdale Drive,
Bonnyrigg, EH19 2LA
Telephone logo 0131 271 4534
Email: email symbol

Loanhead Library,

The Loanhead Centre
Loanhead, EH20 9LA
Telephone logo 0131 444 9032
Email: email symbol

Newbattle Library,

1 Newbattle Way,
Easthouses EH22 4SX
Telephone logo 0131 561 6745
Email: email symbol

Newtongrange Library,

St Davids, Newtongrange, EH22 4LG
Telephone logo 0131 663 1816
Email: email symbol

Penicuik Centre Library,

Carlops Road,
Penicuik EH26 9EP
Telephone logo 01968 664 050
Email: email symbol

Roslin Library,

9a Main Street,
Roslin, EH25 9LD
Telephone logo 0131 448 2781
Email: email symbol

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Midlothian Council section logoMidlothian Physical Disability Planning Group

What is this?

Midlothian Health and Social care partnership logoMidlothian – it covers the whole of Midlothian.

Physical Disability – People who consider themselves physically disabled including sensory impairments.

Planning Group – the Planning Group is made up of representatives from Midlothian Council, NHS Lothian, voluntary organisations representing disabled people and carers, organisations that provide services for them. They meet every 8 weeks and are responsible for producing an Action Plan and ensuring that the actions in it are delivered.

Midlothian Physical Disability Action Plan 2019 - 20120

This 1-year Action Plan aims to better the lives of disabled people and carers by improving the services they need to participate fully and equally in society. This plan was developed by disabled people, carers and service providers (those who provide the services that they use) by working together, sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise.

This Action Plan is based on the Rights of Independent Living

The 2019-2020 Action Plan from Midlothian Council is due to be launched in October 2019. When it does it will appear on Forward Mid’s website.

Midlothian council LogoShould you wish any further information or wish to be involved in this group and its activities please contact:
Jayne Lewis
Telephone logo 0131-271-3665
Email: email symbol

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Midlothian Council section logoMidlothian Council Welfare Rights Team

Our service provides welfare rights benefit advice through advocacy, oral representation at social security appeals and general income maximisation for residents in Midlothian. It provides internal departments across the Council access to advice advocacy and a referral system to ensure key client groups resident in Midlothian have access to welfare benefit advice.

We can offer advice about how to appeal DWP benefit decisions and can provide oral representation at benefit appeals. We offer an income maximisation service for people receiving a Health and social care service and for older people who have reached their retirement age. Within the team there is a specialist Macmillan Welfare Rights Officer for people diagnosed with cancer their families and carers.

  • The aim of the service is to reduce poverty and social exclusion in Midlothian,
  • To work in partnership with Midlothian Financial Inclusion Network. (MFIN) This network helps to promote increased access to accurate advice services and target help to vulnerable groups. The network through its partnership working has been instrumental in securing external funding from the Big Lottery, Scottish Government and other funders to mitigate against the affects of Welfare Reform.

Midlothian council LogoWelfare Rights Team
Education Communities and Economy
Midlothian Council
Fairfield House
8 Lothian Road
EH22 3ZH
Email: email
Telephone logo 0131 270 8922

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Forward Mid Newsletter

National section logoScottish Members of Parliament


Member for:



Jeremy Balfour
Room M3.13
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP
Telephone logo 0131 348 5961

Surgery Lasswade and Loanhead

Jeremy Balfour

Scottish Conservative
Scottish Conservitive logo

Colin Beattie
Room M3.05
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP
Telephone logo 0131 348 6373

Midlothian North & Musselburgh
Telephone logo 0131 454 0204

 colin Beattie

SNP Logo

Miles Briggs
Room M2.15
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP
Telephone logo 0131 348 5945

29 Roseburn Terrace,
EH12 5NQ

Miles Briggs Image

SNP Logo

Sarah Boyack
Room M1.07
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP
Telephone logo 0131 348 6994


Sarah Boyack

Scottish Labour
Scottish labour logo

Neil Findlay
Room M1.06
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP
Telephone logo 0131 348 6896

Office: 4 Northfield Court,
West Calder, West Lothian, EH55 8DS

Neil Findlay

Scottish Labour
Scottish labour logo

Christine Grahame
Room Q2.01
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP
Telephone logo 0131 348 5729

Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale
Office: 46 High Street,
Galashiels TD1 1SE

 christine Grahame

SNP Logo

Alison Johnstone
Room MG.20
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP
Telephone logo 0131 348 6421


Alison Johnstone

Scottish Greens
Scottish Greens Logo

Gordon Lindhurst
Room M3.11
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP
Telephone logo 0131 348 5947

Office: 29 Roseburn Terrace
EH12 5NQ

Gordon Lindhurst

Scottish Conservative
Scottish Conservitive logo

Christina McKelvie
Room T4.04
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP
Telephone logo 0131 348 6680

Hamilton & Larkhall
Minister for Older People and Equalities
Telephone logo 01698 403 311

 christina McKelvie

SNP Logo

Andy Wightman
Room MG.19
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP
Telephone logo 0131 6368


Andy Wightman

Scottish Greens
Scottish Greens Logo

Member of the House of Commons

Owen Thompson
House of Commons,
Telephone logo 020 7219 3000


Owen Thompson

SNP Logo

Everyone in Scotland is represented by eight MSP's: one for their constituency and seven for the larger region in which they live. This allows a choice of MSP for you to contact. Midlothian is also represented by one MP in the UK Government.

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NForward Mid Section logoNegation

The contents of this Directory were correct as of February 2020

Every care has been taken to ensure that the content of this work is accurate at the time of writing. However, no responsibility for loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of any statement in this work can be accepted by the authors

Some contact details change from time to time if you are having difficulty in contacting somewhere please contact Forward Mid Telephone logo 0131-663-9471 and we will try to find you the new contact details and update our directory. Forward Mid do not accept any responsibility for errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information.

Alternative copies of this directory may be available on request, large print and audio CD. The individual pages have been checked with the use NVDA screen reader

This online version of the Directory will be updates from time to time, there is a page last updated date at the foot of every page this will indicate when the page you are viewing on this web site was last updated

Many thanks to all the organisation’s for allowing Forward Mid to use their logos

Logo of Forward Mid a right pointing arrow top green bottom blue with the text Forward Midlothian Disabled PeopleEmail
Midlothian Voluntary Action
4-6 White Hart Street
EH22 1AE
Telephone logo 0131-663-9471

Directory Designed by Sheree Muir, Iain Tait and Graham Thomson
Email: email symbol Iain Tait

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