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transport information section logoMotability

How the Scheme works

Motability LogoThe Motability Scheme enables anyone in receipt of a higher rate mobility allowance (such as the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of PIP/ADP or the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance) to use their mobility allowance to lease a car, scooter, powered wheelchair or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. The Scheme provides flexible and hassle-free access to a brand-new, reliable vehicle of your choice – giving you greater freedom, every day.

How it works

You simply exchange all, or part of your mobility allowance to lease the vehicle of your choice. You choose the vehicle you want at a price that works for you, and payments are deducted from your higher rate mobility allowance every four weeks, then paid directly to Motability by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Motability standard lease is over three years or five years if you are leasing a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle and we take care of running costs such as insurance for up to three named drivers (this doesn’t have to be you), servicing, maintenance, breakdown cover and tyre and windscreen repair and replacement. All you need to do is add fuel and go.


There are various makes, models and types of cars available to lease through the Motability Scheme, from fuel efficient smaller vehicles to roomy estates. Motability know that choosing a car is a big decision therefore Motability are here to help you choose the right car for your needs and budget, Motability have highlighted some of the most important considerations when leasing a car through the Motability Scheme. Electric vehicles now available Motability will arrange and cover the cost of a home chargepoint, World Wide Web Logo : can show where to charge an EV, All EV cars come with charging cables, However not all EV cars use the same style cables and not all charging points support all cables.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Choosing a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) is a big decision to make, and Motability want to help you find a vehicle that will meet your needs now and in the future.

Scooters and powered wheelchairs

Most scooters and powered wheelchairs cost less to lease per week than your mobility allowance, so the remainder of your allowance continues to be paid directly to you. The cost of your lease includes what Motability call our worry-free package. With over 400 products to choose from Motability want to help you make the right choice.

General Enquires Telephone logo : 0300 456 4566.

Government crown logomore information or to find a specific telephone number please visit World Wide Web Logo :

A toolkit on Personal Independence Payment of can be found at World Wide Web Logo :

In order to be entitled to PIP/ADP, claimants have to satisfy a qualifying period of three months and a prospective test of nine months. These two conditions are referred to as the ‘required period condition’ and help establish that the health condition or disability is likely to be long-term.

Forward MID has purchased a booklet called The Disability Rights Handbook, in which information on rights are given as well as an overview of the new Personal Independence Payment. The booklet is available from MVA, 4-6 White Hart Street, Dalkeith.

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National Entitlement Card

transport information section logoNational Entitlement Card

Look of the National Entitlement CardThe national entitlement card gives those aged 60+ and disabled people free bus travel throughout Scotland.Application for the World Wide Web Logo : and choose one of the three options. Alternitively downlaod and complete a form from World Wide Web Logo :, once complete email to email symbol :

Logo C used on cardYour bus pass is printed in Hull, England and sent direct to your home address.
On the front of the card will be your name and card number, your photo, the oak leaf logo of Midlothian Council and the expiry date. This card is not transferable and can only be used by the card holder.
Various symbols appear on the lower right side of the card.

All cards show a large orange “C” symbol. Plus 1 logo A “+1” symbol tells the driver that you are entitled to have a companion travel free with you on your bus journey. Eye symbol on card The “eye symbol” indicates that the holder is blind or partially sighted and is entitled to the free train travel concessions of the Scottish Blind Scheme in addition to free bus travel.

Local buses that accept this card are: Borders Buses, East Coast Buses, Lothian Buses, LCTS, Prentice Coaches of Haddington and Stagecoach. Over 95% of buses are adapted for wheelchair Carriage, most buses can carry only one wheelchair, not all bus stops are suitable for wheelchair users, it would be advisable to phone before travelling to avoid disappointment.

City link Telephone logo : 0871 266 33 33

Megabus Telephone logo : 0900 1600 900

National Express Telephone logo : 08717 818178

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transport information section logoTaxis and Private Hire Cars

collage of Taxi imagesAll Public Hire vehicles must be accessible, under Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982. The Scottish Government have delegated local councils to deem what is accessible. Private Hire Cars are exempt. The difference between a Taxi and Private Hire cars, Taxi can be hailed in the street, Private hire cars must be phoned in advance. All Taxis and Private Hire will have a plate mounted on the vehicle with a number on it, a Taxi plate is red and white and Private hire smaller and yellow, red and white.

When ordering a taxi or Private Hire Car please make the company aware of any special requirements you need for the journey. The size or type of vehicle must be agreed before vehicles are dispatched.

If you are a wheelchair user and your wheelchair exceeds 700mm wide (27 inches wide) and 1200mm long (47 inches long) or has an extended headrest please check with the taxi company to ensure you and your wheelchair can be carried. Some taxi Companies in Midlothian specialise in transporting larger wheelchairs. Chauffeur Drive is one.

Dial-A-Ride [DAR] Operated by HcL

Dial-A-Ride provides a seven-days per week door-to-door transport service for people with limited mobility who cannot manage to travel by standard buses. DAR can also help those who have limited access to public and/or private transport. The DAR service is provided by HcL and is financially supported by Midlothian Council. To register to use the service, collect an application form from any Midlothian library, post the completed form to the office at HcL, 24/3A Dryden Road, Loanhead EH20 9HX, Telephone logo : 0131 447 9949 or visit the DAR website at World wide web logo : Once registered with HcL, you can call the DAR office at Bilston Glen Telephone logo : 0131 447 9949 to make your first booking. You can make no more than one advanced booking (for the day after tomorrow or beyond). You can try for as many bookings as you wish for trips on the same day or the following day. However, your late bookings will only be accepted if there are suitable gaps in the DAR schedule to take on more journeys.

The DAR vehicles are specially adapted to carry combinations of wheelchair users and other passengers safely and comfortably. DAR drivers are trained to provide assistance where necessary - do not be afraid to ask.

The price is set for the first mile and increases per mile thereafter. Prices are subject to periodic change. There is a special offer for first-time users – a £5 discount off your first DAR trip. Remember to ask about this when making your first booking.

There are additional charges per passenger when accompanying a full-fare paying passenger on the same journey. One genuine escort may travel free. Additional charges may be added if the DAR vehicle is asked to wait longer than anticipated when the booking was first made. There is no reduction for children travelling - standard fares apply.

Special tariffs will apply if the destination is outwith the Lothians, contact the Bilston Glen Office Telephone logo : 0131 447 9949 or specify your needs by Email email symbol : to ask for a quote to travel outwith the local area.

A cancellation fee may be applied if bookings are cancelled without due notice. Check with HcL when booking.

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Thistle Assistance;

transport information section logoThe Thistle Assistance Card and App

How Thistle Assistance works

Thistle Card LogoWe all welcome a little extra assistance now and again, particularly when travelling alone. Thistle Assistance is an initiative to help you feel safer and more comfortable when using public transport.

You may prefer more time to get to your seat. You may like your driver to speak more slowly and clearly. Thistle Assistance’s card and app let transport staff know in an easy and subtle way what extra support you’d like.

Where you can use it

The Thistle Assistance card and app are recognised by many public transport operators across Scotland, from buses and trains to planes and ferries. Simply show your personalised card or app to their staff and they will understand what additional assistance you require. Older style cards are still accepted.

Card and app benefits

The Thistle Assistance card and app are free to use for anyone who requires it. Use the card for one journey or purpose, or use it every day: it’s adaptable and reusable.

The card and app symbols and instructions encompass a range of disabilities and impairments. They are equally useful during pregnancy, or if you have temporary mobility issues, when some extra thought and care are appreciated.

Available online for free from:
Mobile Apps at World Wide Web Logo :

You can request a card on the website World Wide Web Logo : and it will be posted out to your home address.

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transport information section logoTrains

Borders Train travellingMidlothian is served by ScotRail and has 4 rail stations that are all unstaffed. On-board staff should have been notified if you have booked assistance. If you get to a station but haven’t booked assistance, you can use the Help-Point phone on the platform so the on-board staff can be alerted to your presence. There are ticket-machines on the platform at all the stations – if you are at Shawfair and the machine is on the opposite platform, don’t worry – the conductor is unlikely to charge you more for not getting a ticket in advance.

ScotRail operates a half-hourly service Mon-Sat daytime and hourly Evening and Sundays between Tweedbank and Edinburgh Waverley. If you travel to Edinburgh Waverley, you will find connections to the rest of the rail network.

Tickets can be bought in advance from World Wide Web Logo :, by calling the ScotRail Telesales team on Telephone logo : 0344 811 0141 between 07:00 hrs and 22:00 hrs seven days a week.

Disabled Assistance:

Disabled Assistance: If you would benefit from a little extra help when using the trains, you can arrange disabled assistance by advising ScotRail at least 2 hours if travelling solely on a ScotRail service or 24 hours if travelling wider on other train services:

Passenger Assistance Card

Scotrail Passenger Assistance Card is to give you peace of mind while you travel. It has all our contact details on it, so you can contact us while you’re travelling if you need to.

It also has space for you to write down any important details that might assist you with your journey, especially if you find it difficult to communicate with staff. World Wide Web Logo :

Wheelchair users

You can buy discounted tickets for your journey. If you’re travelling with a companion, they can also buy a ticket at the discounted price. More information about discounts is available in our Accessible Travel Policy.

Wheelchair space on our trains is restricted to Standard Class carriages and to standard wheelchairs not exceeding 70cm wide, 120cm long, with a combined weight of less than 300 kilograms of user and wheelchair. These dimensions are in accordance with the National Technical Specification Notices 2021.

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Train Discount cards

transport information section logoTrain Discount cards

Disabled Persons Railcard

Sample of a disabled persons railcardIf you have a disability that makes travelling by train difficult you might qualify for the Disabled Persons Railcard. The Disabled Persons Railcard allows you to get ⅓ off most rail fares throughout Great Britain. If you’re travelling with an adult companion, they also can get ⅓ off their rail fare. It costs £20 for a one-year Railcard. £54 for a three-year Railcard.

You can apply online at World Wide Web Logo :
email symbol :
Telephone logo : 0345 605 0525
Textphone: Signing logo : 0345 601 0132
Disabled Persons Railcard Office
PO Box 6613
Arbroath,DD11 9AN

Scottish Blind Scheme

This scheme was created in the year 2000 and applies to blind persons resident anywhere in Scotland including Midlothian. Cardholders enjoy free travel on buses, trains, ferries, Glasgow Subway and Edinburgh Trams for themselves. There is free travel for a companion on buses [denoted by the two symbols of an eye and a “+1” on the card], but this companion entitlement does not extend to the other modes. SBS is financially supported by the 32 Scottish local authorities, but as far as the cardholder is concerned, the scheme is co-produced with the Scottish Government using their National Entitlement Card [NEC]. Application forms are available at all Midlothian libraries where completed forms must be handed in by the applicant in person [part of the process of verification is that the face of the applicant and the photo image supplied must be cross-checked by the librarian before the application is accepted.]

Veterans rail card

Sample of a Veterans rail cardScottish veterans can now benefit from a new rail card which not only allows a 34% discount on travel but also sees an introductory discount scheme.

The veterans rail card being introduced for purchase from today, initially priced at £21 per year, allows holders to travel across the country at reduced fares.

To apply for a veterans rail card go to World Wide Web Logo : to buy on line or to download the appliction form from World Wide Web Logo : and click the application form in the by post section.

Mobile phone Passenger Assistance App for all requests for assistance for all train companies and rail stations World Wide Web Logo :

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Wheelchairs on Public Transport

transport information section logoWheelchairs on Public Transport

Before you Travel on public transport in a wheelchair.

The majority of wheelchair users will be able to travel on public transport.

Wheelchairs that cannot fit on public transport include:

  • If your chair is more than 700mm wide by 1500mm length. A normal chair is approx 660mm wide by 1065mm length when you are in it;
  • If your chair is very heavy and chair and passenger together exceed 220 kilograms.
  • Public Transport do not carry scales it is the wheelchair user’s responsibility to know the combined weight. Scales can be found in most hospitals;
  • If you need to travel with your legs fully extended or the backrest reclined;
  • If you use a scooter that is difficult to manoeuvre and may be unstable in a vehicle.
  • You must ensure that your wheelchair is in a safe condition to travel.

Broken wheelchairThis means, for example, making sure that it is correctly maintained, that the tyres are properly inflated, that you have not overloaded the back of the chair with bags (this can cause the chair to tip over backwards on a ramp). If you have a powered chair, you must ensure that the battery is secure. If your chair has adjustable kerb climbers, you should check that they are set so that they do not catch on the ramp.

The transport operator has the right to refuse to let you travel if he believes that your wheelchair is not in a safe condition.

The Ricability guide can be download World Wide Web Logo : then search for wheelchair guide

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Midlothian Council Councillors

Midlothian Council section logoMidlothian Council Councillors





Diane Alexander
Telephone logo : 0131 270 7500


Diane Alexander

SNP Logo

Derek Milligan
Telephone logo : 0131 271 3055


Derek Milligan

Scottish Labour
Scottish labour logo

David Virgo
Telephone logo : 0131 271 3080


David Virgo

Scottish Conservative
Scottish Conservitive logo

Colin Cassidy
Telephone logo : 0131 271 7500


 colin Cassidy

SNP Logo

Stephan Curran
Telephone logo : 0131 271 7500


Stephan Curran

Scottish Labour
Scottish labour logo

Margot Russell
Telephone logo : 0131 271 3087


Margot Russell

Scottish Labour
Scottish labour logo

Stuart McKenzie
Telephone logo : 0131 271 7500


Stuart McKenzie

SNP Logo

Bryan Pottinger
Telephone logo : 0131 271 3082


Bryan Pottinger

Scottish Labour
Scottish labour logo

Peter Smaill
Telephone logo : 0131 271 7500


Peter Small

Scottish Conservative
Scottish Conservitive logo

Douglas Bowen
Telephone logo : 0131 271 3099

Midlothian South

Douglas Bowen

SNP Logo

Kelly Drummond
Telephone logo : 0131 271 3082

Midlothian South

Kelly Drummond

Scottish Labour
Scottish labour logo

Ellen Scott
Telephone logo : 0131 271 3092

Midlothian South

Ellen Scott

SNP Logo

Russell Imrie
Telephone logo : 0131 271 3086

Midlothian West

Russell Imrie

Scottish Labour
Scottish labour logo

Kelly Parry
Telephone logo : 0131 271 3109

Midlothian West

Kelly Parry

SNP Logo

Pauline Winchester
Telephone logo : 0131 271 7500

Midlothian West

Pauline Winchester

Scottish Conservative
Scottish Conservitive logo

Debbi McCall
Telephone logo : 0131 271 7500


Debbi McCall image

SNP Logo

Willie McEwan
Telephone logo : 0131 271 3088


Willie McEwan

Scottish Labour
Scottish labour logo

Connor McManus
Telephone logo : 0131 271 7500


Connor McManus

SNP Logo

Midlothian council LogoTo Contact your local councillors please visit Midlothian council web site at: for full contact details

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Midlothian Libraries

Midlothian Council section logoMidlothian Libraries

Dalkeith Library,

2 White Hart Street,
Dalkeith EH22 1AE
Telephone logo : 0131 663 2083
email symbol :

Danderhall Library,

services libraries supply1a Campview,
Danderhall, EH22 1QB
Telephone logo : 0131 663 9293
email symbol :

Gorebridge Library,

98 Hunterfield Road
Gorebridge, EH23 4TT
Telephone logo 01875 820 630
email symbol :

Lasswade Library,

19 Eskdale Drive,
Bonnyrigg, EH19 2LA
Telephone logo : 0131 271 4534
email symbol :

Loanhead Library,

The Loanhead Centre
Loanhead, EH20 9LA
Telephone logo : 0131 444 9032
email symbol :

Newbattle Library,

1 Newbattle Way,
Easthouses EH22 4SX
Telephone logo : 0131 561 6745
email symbol :

Newtongrange Library,

St Davids, Newtongrange, EH22 4LG
Telephone logo : 0131 663 1816
email symbol :

Penicuik Centre Library,

Carlops Road,
Penicuik EH26 9EP
Telephone logo : 01968 664 050
email symbol :

Roslin Library,

9a Main Street,
Roslin, EH25 9LD
Telephone logo : 0131 448 2781
email symbol :

Midlothian’s nine fully accessible libraries that are strategically placed, therefore, a library is never far away. Midlothian’s Mobile Library brings library services out into our communities. Completely free Membership gives those joining access to the full range of library services, which include:

  • A comprehensive collection of fiction and non-fiction books. If the book you want isn’t on the shelf at your local branch, free requests mean you can request it from anywhere in Midlothian. We maintain a comprehensive range of books in large print and on audio CDs.
  • Music CDs and DVDs to keep you entertained, amused, or help you learn.
  • Membership allows unlimited access to an extensive range of electronic resources. These include e-books and e-audio titles, online comics, and a range of online newspapers and magazines. You can download these from home using your membership card – and as there are no overdue fines for online material, they are collected automatically at the end of a loan.
  • A broad range of free workshops, activities and events take place every week, from talks given by authors to knitting groups and storytelling sessions amongst much more. Telephone your local library or check Facebook page Facebook logo to discover upcoming events.
  • Midlothian Travel information is obtainable at every library, including bus timetables, bus pass card application forms, and blue badge application forms. Libraries can process bus pass applications for the over 60s and disabled, if you have lost your card you can report it at your library. At Newbattle Library Blue Badge, forms can be handed in and payment made.
  • Free use of computers and access to the internet in all branches, including free WiFi for your own device.
  • Hearing Aid battery collection points in all libraries. Hearing Aid Maintenance Clinic at Dalkeith Library, first Wednesday of every month, 10:30 hrs -11:30 hrs
  • Information about the local area, including local groups and services.

If you can’t leave your house and visit the library because you have mobility problems the library can make arrangements to get books to you via our book delivery. For more information Email email symbol : or Telephone logo : 0799 0136 894 to find out how to access the Home Delivery Service.

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Midlothian Council Welfare Rights Team

Midlothian Council section logoMidlothian Council Welfare Rights Team

Our service provides welfare rights benefit advice through advocacy, oral representation at social security appeals and general income maximisation for residents in Midlothian. It provides internal departments across the Council access to advice advocacy and a referral system to ensure key client groups resident in Midlothian have access to welfare benefit advice.

We can offer advice about how to appeal DWP benefit decisions and can provide oral representation at benefit appeals. We offer an income maximisation service for people receiving a Health and social care service and for older people who have reached their retirement age. Within the team there is a specialist Macmillan Welfare Rights Officer for people diagnosed with cancer their families and carers.

  • The aim of the service is to reduce poverty and social exclusion in Midlothian,
  • To work in partnership with Midlothian Financial Inclusion Network. (MFIN) This network helps to promote increased access to accurate advice services and target help to vulnerable groups. The network through its partnership working has been instrumental in securing external funding from the Big Lottery, Scottish Government and other funders to mitigate against the affects of Welfare Reform.

Midlothian council LogoWelfare Rights Team
Education Communities and Economy
Midlothian Council
Fairfield House
8 Lothian Road
EH22 3ZH
Telephone logo : 0131 270 8922

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National section logoBenefits

Universal Credit

Universal Credit LogoUniversal Credit is a payment to help with your living costs. It’s paid monthly - or twice a month for some people in Scotland. You may be able to get Universal Credit if you’re on a low income or need help with your living costs. You could be:

  • out of work
  • working (including self-employed or part time)
  • unable to work, for example because of a health condition

To claim you must:

  • live in the UK
  • be aged 18 or over (there are some exceptions if you’re 16 to 17)
  • be under State Pension age
  • have £16,000 or less in money, savings and investments

If you live with a partner, then you will both need to claim for Universal Credit. You must make a joint claim for your household, even if your partner is not eligible. How much you can get will depend on your partner’s income and savings, as well as your own.

Universal Credit payment is made up of a standard allowance and any extra amounts that apply to you, for example if you:

  • have children
  • have a disability or health condition which prevents you from working
  • are a carer for a disabled person
  • need help paying your rent

If you’re employed, how much Universal Credit you get will depend on your earnings. Your Universal Credit payment will reduce gradually as you earn more - for every £1 you earn your payment reduces by 55p. However you may also be eligible for the Work Allowance (also known as the Earnings Disregard) which means that the first part of any wages are not taken into account. There’s no limit to how many hours you can work.

You can apply for Universal Credit online at Universal Credit:

How to claim - GOV.UK (World Wide Web Logo :

You need to create an account. You use it to make a claim. You must complete your claim within 28 days of creating your account or you will have to start again.

If you live with your partner, you will both need to create accounts. You’ll link them together when you claim. You cannot claim by yourself.

If you cannot claim online, you can claim by phone through the Universal Credit helpline.

  • Phone: Telephone logo : 0800 328 5644
  • Welsh language: Telephone logo : 0800 328 1744
  • Relay UK (if you cannot hear or speak on the phone): Signing logo 18001 then 0800 328 5644
  • British Sign Language (BSL) video relay service if you’re on a computer - DWP prefer Starleaf find informayion at World Wide Web Logo :
  • Textphone: Signing logo : 0800 328 1344
  • Monday to Friday, 08:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

Contribution based ESAEmployment and Support Allowance is an allowance for people claiming benefit on the grounds of incapacity and is payable if you have paid or been credited with enough class 1 or class 2 National Insurance contributions in the relevant tax year. ESAEmployment and Support Allowance does not include money for children or qualifying young persons. You would have to claim Universal Credit.

A claim to ESAEmployment and Support Allowance will involve a Work Capability Assessment. There can be 2 parts to this assessment. Initially, you will complete and return form ESA50. This form asks for details of medical professional support you have, medications you are prescribed and how your health affects you on a daily basis. This may be followed by a face to face medical assessment. If you don’t fill in and return the form or take part in the medical assessment, your benefit could be stopped. Everyone must go through the Work Capability Assessment although not everyone will be medically examined.

The Work Capability Assessment will determine whether you have Limited Capability for Work and determine whether you should be placed in the Work Related Activity Group or the Support Group. If placed in the Work Related Activity Group you will be required to take part in work focussed interviews and undertake Work Related Activity. This interview will initially take place in your local jobcentre and will involve a discussion on ways to return to work. This could include volunteering, Permitted Work, C.V. Preparation and Interview Techniques, information on local support or a referral to the Work Programme. If placed in the Support Group you are not required to take part in interviews or undertake Work Related Activity. However, you can voluntarily access support to return to work.

ESAEmployment and Support Allowance is paid at an assessment rate for the first 13 weeks or until after the initial Work Capability Assessment. You will then be moved on to the Main Phase and an additional component may be paid. People who receive the Support Component are not required to have Work-focussed Interviews or undertake Work Related Activity but can volunteer. Special rules apply to terminally ill people (Have a progressive disease and are not expected to live for more than another 6 months.). ESAEmployment and Support Allowance customers will automatically be placed in the Support Group. Terminally ill customers should apply for PIP as soon as possible. To claim ESA, you can apply online Employment and Support Allowance (ESA):

How to claim - GOV.UK (World Wide Web Logo :

or you can phone Telephone logo : 0800 055 6688. If you are unable to use the telephone or need additional help to make a claim, contact the Jobcentre to make an appointment. If you have speech or hearing difficulties you can contact us by using textphone Signing logo : 0800 023 48 88.

group peope with disabilities

Adult Disability Payment (ADP)

PIPPersonal Independence Payment / ADPAdult Disability Payment is a benefit to help disabled people live full, active and independent lives. PIPPersonal Independence Payment/ ADPAdult Disability Payment is based on how their health condition or disability affects them individually.

ADPAdult Disability Payment has replaced DLA and PIP in Scotland for working age adults. Child Disability Payment is the new payment for under 16 year olds. A claim to Adult Disability Payment should be made before 16th Birthday.)

ADPAdult Disability Payment is a non-means tested and non-taxable cash benefit which people can spend in a way that best suits them. You can get PIP whether you work or not, therefore it can also help people move into and stay in work.

Claims to ADPAdult Disability Payment are started over the phone to gather basic information. You can ask someone to help with the call but you must be present during the call to help answer security questions. A form will then be sent out for more information about how your health condition or disability affects you.

The claim process includes an assessment by a health professional. Most people will have a face to face consultation.
Reviews of an award will be done at appropriate intervals depending on how likely it is for your condition or impairment to change.

There are 2 components to ADPAdult Disability Payment – Daily Living and Mobility needs. Each component can be paid at a standard or enhanced rate.
At April 2023 the weekly rates are:

Daily Living

Standard       £68.10  
Enhanced     £101.75  


Standard       £26.90  
Enhanced      £71.00  

More information on Adult Disability Payment visit

Phone number to make a brand-new claim is Telephone logo : 0800 182 2222

If you live in Scotland and already receive DLA or PIP, Social Security Scotland will move you to Adult Disability Payment. It’ll take over your allowance from the DWP when that happens.

Attendance Allowance

Pound coinns piled up The easiest way to think about this is as Personal Independence Payment for pensioners.

You can get Attendance Allowance if you’ve reached State Pension age and the following apply:

  • you have a physical disability (including sensory disability, for example blindness), a mental disability (including learning difficulties), or both
  • your disability is severe enough for you to need help caring for yourself or someone to supervise you, for your own or someone else’s safety
  • you have needed that help for at least 6 months (unless you might have 6 months or less to live)

You must also:

  • be in Great Britain when you claim - there are some exceptions, such as members and family members of the armed forces
  • have been in Great Britain for at least 2 of the last 3 years(this does not apply if you’re a refugee or have humanitarian protection status)
  • be habitually resident in the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands
  • not be subject to immigration control (unless you’re a sponsored immigrant)

Attendance Allowance is paid weekly at 2 different rates - the one you get depends on the level of help you need.

Attendance Allowance is not means-tested - what you earn or how much you have in savings will not affect what you get.

Rate Level of help you need

Lower rate - £68.10 Frequent help or constant supervision during the day, or supervision at night

Higher rate - £101.75 Help or supervision throughout both day and night, or a medical professional has said you might have 6 months or less to live

You could get extra Pension Credit, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction if you get Attendance Allowance - check with the helpline or office dealing with your benefit.

Use the Attendance Allowance claim form to apply by post. The form comes with notes telling you how to fill it in.

Send the completed form to:
Freepost DWP Attendance Allowance
You do not need a postcode or a stamp.

Call the Attendance Allowance helpline to ask for:
a copy of the form
alternative formats, such as braille, large print or audio CD

Attendance Allowance helpline

phone: Telephone logo : 0800 731 0122
Textphone: Signing logo : 0800 731 0317
Relay UK (if you cannot hear or speak on the phone): Signing logo 18001 then 0800 731 0122
British Sign Language (BSL) video relay service if you’re on a computer DWP prefer Starleaf find informayion at World Wide Web Logo :
Monday to Friday, 08:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs

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The Big difference logoNational section logoCentrica

Help Today. Change Tomorrow

At Centrica, we have an incredible team who want to do the right thing. We’re working to support local causes that colleagues and communities care passionately about.

We’re committed to giving 100,000 volunteering days by 2030 as part of our People & Planet Plan. To achieve this, we give our colleagues 15 hours each year to volunteer and make a big difference in their local communities.

British Gas Centirica with volunteers

What to expect from us!

• Keen volunteers to help for a few hours, a day, a few days - our timing is flexible!
• Skill-sharing workshops or ongoing support
• A dedicated business contact
• Promote awareness for your charity within our teams.

What we need from you!

• An outline of the tasks and jobs you require support from volunteers and your availability
• Risk assessment and public liability insurance documents
• Agree use of images and reference in our communications

Centirica volunteers

Centirica footer Logo

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Contact Scotland

National section logoContactScotland-BSL

ContactSCOTLAND-BSL is a Scottish Government service that connects deaf BSL users throughout Scotland through an online BSL interpreting video relay service (VRS) with all of Scotland’s public authorities and voluntary organisations (Third Sector) and now beyond.

VRS for all – from March 2019 ContactSCOTLAND-BSL now provides VRS For All. This now means that Deaf BSL users can contact any service that relies on telephone contact with their service users or customers. This includes public, third and private sectors within Scotland.

With 1 in 6 of the population being deaf, we provide an easy and flexible way of interacting with deaf BSL users who use and access your services. Deaf people can contact you and of course you can contact deaf people.

ContactSCOTLAND-BSL is Scotland wide/cross-service and brought to you by Sign Language Interactions.

You have to register to use the either of the Apps

World Wide Web Logo :
Telephone logo : 0333 344 7712
Hard of Hearing and signing symbol : 0797 084 8868
email symbol :
Twitter Logo :
Facebook logo :

Contact Scotland Logo

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Cinema Card

National section logoCinema Exhibitors’ Association Card.

The Cinema Exhibitors’ Association Card. This is a national card that can be used to verify that the holder is entitled to one free ticket for a person accompanying them to the cinema. Terms and Condition of use apply.

To apply for the card, you will need to meet one or more of the following criteria:

a) Be in receipt of Personal Independence Payment, or Armed Forces Independence Payment.
b) Be a registered blind person.

The card is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

Application forms are available from cinemas across the UK supporting this card. Also available on the Internet at World Wide Web Logo : and apply online
A processing fee of £6.00 is chargeable per card. This is to be sent along with the completed application

If you have any difficulty, please contact Cinema Exhibitors’ Association at the address below:

LogoThe Card Network
Network House
St Ives Way
Email: email symbol :
Telephone logo 01244 526 016

Local Cinemas participating in this scheme are;

Cineworld Edinburgh
 cineworld Logo Fountain Park,
130/3 Dundee Street,
Edinburgh, EH11 1AF
Telephone logo : 0330 333 4444
World Wide Web Logo :

Dominion Cinema
Dominion Cinema Logo 18 Newbattle terrace,
Edinburgh, EH10 4RT
Telephone logo : 0131 447 4771
World Wide Web Logo :

Filmhouse Logo88 Lothian Road,
Edinburgh, EH3 6PD
Telephone logo : 0131 228 2688
World Wide Web Logo :

Everyman Cinema
Everyman Logo St James Quarter,
Edinburgh, EH1 3AD
Everyman Edinburgh has full step-free access to screens 2 to 5, and to both bottom and top bar. Screen 1 has step-free access to downstairs seating but not the upper tier known as ‘circle’.
Telephone logo 01233 555642
World Wide Web Logo :

Odeon Edinburgh
120 Wester Hailes Road,
Westside Plaza,
Odeon LogoEdinburgh, EH14 3HR

118 Lothian Road,
Edinburgh, EH3 8BG

Edinburgh Fort Kinnaird
Newcraighall, Edinburgh, EH15 3RD
Telephone logo : 0800 138 3315 Accessibility Helpline
World Wide Web Logo :

The Cameo, Edinburgh
Cameo Logo38 Home Street,
Edinburgh, EH3 9LZ
Telephone logo 020 7294 7908 Accessibility Helpline
World Wide Web Logo :

Vue Cinemas
Ocean Terminal
Ocean Drive,
Edinburgh EH6 6JJ

Vue Logo Omni Centre
Omni, Greenside,
Edinburgh, EH1 3AT

McArthur Glen Designer Outlet,
Almondvale Avenue,
Livingstone, EH54 6QX
Telephone logo : 0345 308 4620 Accessibility Helpline
World Wide Web Logo :

Pavilion Cinema
Pavilion LogoMarket Street,
Galashiels, TD1 3AF
Telephone logo 01896 752767
World Wide Web Logo :
You cannot book online with the CEA Card as we need to view the card to check it’s authenticity

Making a booking online with a CEA card is different for each cinema’s website, Odeon requires you to register before use, Vue please book on accessibility helpline or in cinema.

Regal Mobile Cinema LogoA Moblie cinema operated by Regal Mobile Cinema can be found in venues across Midlothian such as National Mining Museum Scotland and The Lasswade Centre.

For more information of venues please contact:
World Wide Web Logo :
Telephone logo : 07583696884

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