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Visa for Travel

List of Countries UK Passport holders require a Visa to visit

(A) Visa Issued on Arrival as long as you have a return/onward ticket
(A+) Visa Issued on Arrival some free others cost
(B) Visa must be secured before travel
(B+) Visa must be secured before travel additional requirements
(C) No visa required to visit Hong Kong/Macao. Visa must be secured before travel to visit Mainland China
(E) Electronic Visa Issued on Line and copy taken with you
(F) Issued on arrival and free to UK Passport holders
(T) Tour operator lead not Required; Every one else requires Visa
(TC) Tourist Card only Required
(X) Advised not to travel/ Visa not available.

  • Afghanistan (B)
  • Algeria (X)
  • Angola (B)
  • Australia (E)
  • Azerbaijan (B)
  • Bahrain (A)
  • Bangladesh (A+)
  • Belarus (B+)
  • Benin (B)
  • Bhutan (B+)
  • Burkina Faso (B+)
  • Burundi (B)
  • Cambodia (A)
  • Cameroon (B+)
  • Cape Verdi(B)
  • Caymen Islands(T)
  • Central African Republic (X)
  • Chad (B)
  • China (C)
  • Comores Islands (B)
  • Congo DEM.REP of (E)
  • Congo REP of (B)
  • Cote D’Ivoire (B)
  • Cuba (B)
  • Djibouti (A)
  • Dominican Republic (TC)
  • Equatorial Guinea (B)
  • Eritrea (B)
  • Ethiopia (A)
  • Gabon (B+)
  • Ghana (B+)
  • Guam (E)
  • Guinea, Bissau (A)
  • Guinea, Republic of (B+)
  • India (B)
  • Iran (B+)
  • Iraq (A)
  • Jordon (A)
  • Kenya (E)
  • Korea North (B+)
  • Kuwait (E)
  • Laos (A)
  • Lebonan (A)
  • Liberia (B)
  • Libya (X)
  • Madagascer (A)
  • Malawi (A)
  • Maldives (A)
  • Mali (B)
  • Marshall Islands (A)
  • Mongolia (B+)
  • Mozambique (B)
  • Myanmar (E)
  • Nauru (B)
  • Nepal (A)
  • Niger (B)
  • Nigeria (B)
  • Pakistan (A)
  • Papua New Guinea (A)
  • Puerto Rico
  • Qatar (A)
  • Russia (A)
  • Rwanda (A)
  • Samoa USA (A)
  • Saudi Arabia (B)
  • Sierra Leone (B)
  • Somalia (A)
  • South Sudan (B)
  • Sri Lanka (E)
  • Sudan (B)
  • Syria (X)
  • Tajikistan(B)
  • Tanzania (A)
  • Timor-Leste(A)
  • Togo (B)
  • Turkmenistan (B)
  • Uganda(B)
  • United Arab Emirates (F)
  • United States of America (E)
  • Uzbekistan (B)
  • Venezuela BY air (A) all other (B)
  • Yemen (X)
  • Zambia (B)
  • Zimbabwe (A)

Travel Accessibility For Disabled People To The U.S.A.

Over the years, travel for disabled people has become easier. It has not become simpler, but with the advance of technology, traveling for disabled people is not a hassle anymore. In the United States of America too, going around for disabled people has become easier. A lot of buildings in the U.S.A. have wheelchair access and these buildings are equipped with elevators that have braille signs. Almost everywhere, there are parking spots that are reserved for disabled drivers. To make life comfortable for disabled people, some television shows feature hearing impaired captions. With lots of accessible improvements in the U.S., many more tourists with disabilities have found it easier to travel to the U.S.

American Eagle with USA flag behind

Outlining Disability

Airport Terminals can accommodate disabled travelers, but when making travel arrangements, it is better to let the airlines know of the kind of services you require to allow them to serve you better. Also, it will be better to inform them in advance, so as not to put them on the spot when reaching the airport teminal. It is important to be clear when describing your disability to the airline’s staff, so that they will be able to accommodate you with the required facilities to make your travel comfortable. To avoid dealing with all that, there are special travel agencies that can make all these arrangements for you as they are specially trained to help travelers with disabilities. If you decide to travel without the help of a special travel agency, it’s better to be clear when it comes to describing the kind of accessibility that you will need once reaching the U.S.A. Remember that airlines and airports have different kinds of services for disabled people, so it’s best to inform your airline at least 48 hours before your flight.

Flight Accommodations

The accommodations and services for disabled people start from getting on the airplane to travel to the U.S.A. Booking direct flights to the U.S.A. will make your travel easier and much more comfortable. Traveling via connecting flights will be a pain to deal with and will also be a hassle for you to get on and off these flights. But, if a direct flight proves to be too long for the disabled travelers, they can choose to travel through connecting flights to make the journey more comfortable for them. For disabled travelers, one of the most important steps before heading out to the airport is to make sure that all the necessary medical equipment, medications and supplies that they require have been packed and nothing important has been left behind.

Wheelchairs for Accessibility

If you are traveling with your own wheelchair, then you have to let your airline know beforehand to make the necessary arrangements to transport your wheelchair or any other mobility aids that will help you move around in the U.S.A. Special wheelchair insurance is required. Upon arrival at the U.S. immigration, screening officers will inspect your wheelchair as you go through security. If you have booked ans are hiring a wheelchair that will be available to you when you reach the U.S. airport, make sure to be specific in the kind of wheelchair that you need otherwise you will end up with the kind of wheelchair that you didn’t expect. For the best wheelchair assistance, disabled travelers have to request it when making their reservations and they should be very specific on the kind of wheelchairs that they are looking for. If the arrangements were not made before stepping on the plane, travelers can ask the flight attendant to help them before the plane lands in the U.S.A. Other than that, travelers can still ask a skycap or an agent at their airline’s ticket counter at the airport for help.

Airlines with Accessibility Services

Not all airlines have special services for the disabled, but the ones that do, those are the airlines that the disabled travelers should consider traveling in. Airlines such as Air Canada, Continental Airlines, EasyJet and Virgin Atlantic have a range of accessibility services for disabled travelers. Some of the services include support at the airport and assistance on board, service animals are allowed, support for mobility impaired people, spacious adapted toilets and many more. Traveling by plane is a time-consuming endeavor, but if you plan well in advance, airline representatives or travel agents will be able to help you have a comfortable and relaxing journey to the United States of America.

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