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Taxis in Midlothian

Forward Mid works with Midlothian Council transport team and local Taxi companies to bring you the best suggestions for travelling around in Midlothian and Further afield


When ordering a Taxi or Mini Cab please make the company aware of any special requirements you need for the journey, Taxi's and Mini cabs are operated by individuals and size or type of vehicle must be agreed before being dispatched. The maximum requirements for carriage of a wheelchair is 700 millimetres wide or 27 inches wide and 1200 Millimetres long 47 inches long, all ramps in taxis are restricted by weight limit as well but this is different for every make of taxi or Mini cab. It is not the driver of the vehicle provision to size or weigh a wheelchair, Forward Mid are trying to find a method where size and weight are applied to every wheelchair to stop discrimination. This sign   Wheelchair symbol indicates that a wheelchair can be accommodated, please check with taxi or private hire company what size of wheelchair they can accommodate at time of booking. If you do not know the combined weight of your wheelchair with you seated, the community hospital can weigh you in your wheelchair.

Midlothian Taxicard

The Midlothian Taxi card is now closed to new applicants.

Offers travel by taxi at a reduced rate for those who are physically unable to use standard bus services. Many taxi firms in Midlothian area and two in Edinburgh are in the Taxi card scheme, but not all. See the list below of currant taxi companies and telephone numbers. The scheme allows up to 104 single discounted trips per year, effectively one round-trip per week.

For taxicard enquires Telephone: Telephone logo 0131-561-5455

Bonnyrigg and Lasswade

Peter Jack



Telephone logo : 0754 585 4449

Town and Country



Telephone logo : 0131-663-2666/663 2666

United Private Hire



Telephone logo : 0131-660-0011.


1212 Taxi

Wheelchair symbol


Telephone logo : 0131-660-2000.

Ariel ABW Cabs 

Wheelchair symbol


Telephone logo : 0131 663 2000/3232/9666

Antonio Palys



Telephone logo : 0131-660-2000.

D & M Taxis



Telephone logo : 0776 154 0580

Dial-A-Cab Direct



Telephone logo : 0131 516 4141

Ian Diamond



Telephone logo : 07711336884

Freewheeler Taxis



Telephone logo : 01573-410-630

JL Taxi



Telephone logo : 0131-654-0672


Aztec [Cabs Direct]



Telephone logo : 0131 663 0999


D&D Private Hire

Wheelchair symbol


Telephone logo : 01875-820-477

Gore Cabs



Telephone logo : 01875 822233


Chauffeur Drive

Wheelchair symbol


Telephone logo : 0131 440 1192

Fountain Private Hire

Wheelchair symbol


Telephone logo : 0131 440 1688/3896

Midlothian Taxi Hire



Telephone logo : 0131 440 1192


Grange Cabs



Telephone logo : 0131-663-9220

Swift Taxis

Wheelchair symbol


Telephone logo : 0131 654 1004/1031


FM Private Hire



Telephone logo : 01968 677 370

JC Taxis

Wheelchair symbol


Telephone logo : 01968 676 161

Penicuik Taxis

Wheelchair symbol


Telephone logo : 0131 268 8593


Central Radio Taxis

Wheelchair symbol


Telephone logo : 0131-229-2468

Computer Cabs

Wheelchair symbol


Telephone logo : 0131-272-8000

City Cabs

Wheelchair symbol


Telephone logo : 0131-228-1211


Midlothian Council helps to fund a special door-to-door for people who have mobility restrictions. This includes those who cannot physically manage to board a standard bus vehicle, as well as those who live too far from a standard bus service to reach comfortably, Dial-A-Ride is operated by Handicabs. You have to register with Handicabs too use Dial-A-Ride.

For booking and enquires Telephone logo : 0131 447 9949

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