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Midlothian Disabilities Planning group

The 2016 - 2019 action plan can be download the please choose from Midlothian Physical Diability Planning Group Action Plan 2016 - 2019(PDF 1763KB) Print quality. Midlothian Physical Diability Planning Group Action Plan 2016 - 2019(PDF 725KB) Electronc device quality.

The 2012 - 2015 Action Plan can be downloaded Midlothian Joint Physical & Complex Disability Action Plan 2012 - 2015(PDF 338KB).

Should you wish any further information or wish to be involved in this group and its activities please contact:
Jayne Lewis
Tel: Telephone logo 0131-271-3665
Email: email symbol jayne.lewis@midlothian.gov.uk

The consultation meeting of the Joint Physical disability Planning groups was held on the 10th December 2008 at the Mining Museum in Newtongrange.

This group exists to plan services for people in Midlothian who are affected by physical disability and are between the ages of 16 to 65, we are currently developing a Physical Disability Strategy for Midlothian. It is estimated that there are as many 4,500 people living in Midlothian with a disability with approximately 3,645 with a physical disability.

We would like to keep you and your group members informed about the work we are doing, and to communicate with you about what you think we should be doing. In other words, we would like you to be included in the development of the work we do.

This will enable us to best meet the needs of people with disabilities.

One of the ideas that has come about is to create a "scrutiny panel" to oversee the work we do. A scrutiny panel is a group of people with disabilities that meets every 2 months or so to look over the work that has been done by the planning group. The panel can then tell us what they think of the work, and whether there are things we are missing and address these gaps in provisions to the best of our ability. If you or any of your group members might be interested in being involved in a scrutiny panel, please get in touch via Midlothian Community Care Forum Development worker. This is very much a starting point,If you would like more information, or to talk about any part of this, you can contact Eric Johnstone Telephone logo 0131 663 9471 or Catherine Evans Telephone logo 0131 561 5527.

This consultation period ended on January 31st 2008, when there is more to report it will attached to each work stream.

The work stream sub groups are:

  • Independent Living
  • Day, evening and weekend activities.
  • Transport
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Best practice
  • Access to Mainstream services
  • Finance
  • Short breaks

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