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Café Connect

Café Connect at the heart of the community

Café Connect Dalkeith's vibrant new community Café, Café Connect is run by Forward Mid (with generous support of Midlothian's LAC Group) and gives people with physical disabilities a chance to meet up to talk and listen. We all have different things to bring and our own stories. Someone was looking for an accessible taxi firm for years and after one cup of tea and a biscuit she had the address.

Photograph from the CafePeople with disabilities have obstacles to overcome that other people do not see, so when a group of disabled people get together it is amazing what they can discover, one person having the knowledge of something that makes their life easier and passes it on, now ten people have that knowledge. Café Connect is the perfect environment to gain or impart knowledge.

Come along to Café Connect and join us have a cuppa and a natter and see what you can discover. If you have a positive story then we might just put it into print for you.

Where: Dalkeith Welfare hall,
St Andrew Street, (East side of Dalkeith Medical Practice),
Dalkeith EH22 1AP

When: Last Tuesday of every month from 2:00 pm to 4 pm:
For more information check the meetings page or contact Eric: Telephone logo 0131-663-9471

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