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Ability net Logowww.abilitynet.org.uk
Ability Net is a national charity helping disabled adults and children use computers and the internet by adapting and adjusting their technology. They offer My Computer My Way which is an interactive web-based tool developed by AbilityNet that shows disabled people how to adapt their computer using the accessibility features built into their operating system. It's an important way of helping people with a range of disabilities and a valuable part of your commitment to accessibility and compliance with current equalities legislation. AbilityNet's team of professional Assessors offer a high quality assessments, confidential service in the workplace and in higher education.

Access at last Logowww.accessatlast.com
Our aim is Our Aim To be the world’s no.1 one-stop shop for accessible accommodation and services. We are making life accessible for people wanting to travel all over this beautiful world, no matter what physical ability a person has. The detailed information and customer reviews displayed in our property advertising is the very information our customers need when making informed decisions to make a travelling commitment. We Asked them!

Adaptaware Logowww.adaptawear.com
Adaptawear comfort clothing has been designed to help independent living and to make getting dressed easier and less painful. Adaptawear designs and manufacturers a range of ladies and gents open back and drop front trousers, open back shirts and blouses, dresses, skirts,open back nighties and front fastening bras. We also sell a selection of everyday essentials aimed at making people comfortable day and night. Adaptawear clothes are ideal for arthritis, stroke, parkinson, incontinence and dementia sufferers as well as people of all ages who struggle with buttons and zips. The easy fit clothes are made from quality and natural fabrics to provide maximum comfort.

Autism Resources for Familieswww.nationalautismcenter.org
Being armed with information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) helps families feel more comfortable as they face new challenges. Some families need to know where to start when one member of the family has been recently diagnosed. Other families face unexpected difficulties as their loved ones with ASD learn to live effectively in home, school, or community settings.

Autism Spectrum Disorder www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/autism/about.html
Information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) helps families feel more comfortable as they face new challenges. How to recognise the signs of the early stages of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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BBC Ouch logowww.bbc/ouch.co.uk
Ouch is a blog site from the BBC that reflects the lives and experiences of disabled people. Ouch goes behind the headlines of disability news, and also lifts the lid on the little details about being disabled that are not widely talked about. You can add your comments on each story

Transport Scotland Logowww.transportscotland.gov.uk
Transport Scotland is collaborating with the Department for Transport and the Welsh Government on the introduction of a Blue Badge Improvement Service (BBIS) for local authorities.The Blue Badge scheme provides parking concessions for people with severely restricted mobility who have difficulty using public transport. Local authorities are responsible for administering the scheme and issuing Blue Badges to eligible applicants. Transport Scotland is responsible for the legislation which sets out the framework for the scheme and provides support to local authorities to help them deliver the scheme.

British Red Cross LogoBritish Red Cross Society East and Midlothian
Short term loan of Wheelchairs, The British Red Cross provides support at home, transport and mobility aids to help people when they face a crisis in their daily lives, gentle hand, arm and shoulder massage, we help promote a sense of well-being and relaxation in people during times of personal crisis. The massage, given through clothing, can also assist in pain and stress relief. The British Red Cross provide first aid training for every need, including a range of courses for members of the public and first aid at work courses for those who need to comply with health and safety requirements, You can Volunteer with the British Red Cross through there website, plus lots more. For more information Tel: Telephone logo 0131 654 0340

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Child Poverty Action Group LogoChild Poverty Action Group
Child Poverty Action Group is the leading national charity working to end poverty among children, young people and families in the UK. Child Poverty Action Group vision is of a society free of child poverty where all children can enjoy their childhoods and have fair chances in life to reach their full potential.

Child Poverty Action Group activities build on our history of strategic policy leadership to identify and campaign for changes in policy, practice and attitudes necessary to end child poverty.

Can Be Done LogoCan Be Done
Disabled travelers have been putting their trust in CanBeDone to organise holidays across the globe for over. CanBeDone visit every single hotel and destination to make sure they have the right facilities to cater for people with all different levels of disability. CanBeDone take care of the details, from the transfers, flights and choosing the right room to helping to arrange suitable excursions to make sure you get the very best possible experience.

Everyone values their holiday time and whatever your disability, CanBeDone have the experience, understanding and knowledge to help you find the right holiday for you. CanBeDone are here to help; it is only by understanding you, your needs and your holiday requirements that we can help and advise. Tel: Telephone logo 020 8907 2400 to speak to an expert.

Cue and Review Recording Service Cue and Review Recording Service
Cue and review offer Print Speaking to the Blind providing daily uploads to the British Wireless Fund for the Blind's Sonata Service of articles from The Herald, Evening Times, Radio Times Scotland and Inside Soap. While also providing a twice weekly mash up of these titles on cassette and even better our service is FREE! Tel: Telephone logo 0141-416-2251

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Disabled Go Logo www.disabledgo.com
A very large web site that has own symbols, Having tried to search on this web site found no information about Midlothian. However may be useful if travelling. Sponsorship pays for this site to operate, please leave a large amount of time to use this website as it is not easy to use. Website has multiple alternative tags missing. If visually impaired this website is not for you.

Disabled Motoring LogoDisabled Motoring
Disabled Motoring UK provides a mobility information service to the general public where Disabled Motoring can give basic information and signpost to relevant organisations. Our members receive access to our Information Officers who can help with more complex questions and in depth knowledge. Members can access on-line magazine for disabled drivers that have formed a club. Lots of useful information about Motoring in the uk for Disabled people

disabilities Fife logoDisabilities Fife
Disabilities Fife Working towards inclusion of disabled people in all aspects of society in Fife. Fife Independent Disability Network was formed in 1994, following Fife Regional Council’s changes of the equal opportunities consultative process.

Disability Equality Scotland logowww.sdef.org.uk
The Disability Equality Scotland works for social inclusion in Scotland through the removal of barriers and the promotion of equal access for people affected by disability.

Update Scotland Logowww.disabilityscot.org.uk/
Disability Information Scotland is Scotland's National Disability Information Service. Helpline: Telephone logo 0131 558 5200 Formely UPDATE Scotland; This website causes my screen reader to crash cannot skip to main content.

Disability West Lothian LogoDisability West Lothian
Since 1976 Disability West Lothian has been committed to improving the quality of life of disabled people in West Lothian. Disability West Lothian works with disabled people, employers and service providers, West Lothian Council, NHS Lothian, disabled peoples organisations, other equality organisations, the Scottish Executive, the Scottish Parliament, businesses and trade associations


Disabled Living FoundationDisabled Living Foundation
The Disabled Living Foundation, a national charity that provides free, impartial advice about all types of disability equipment and mobility products for older and disabled people. Disabled Living Foundation are the UK’s leading source of impartial information and expert advice on independent living. A national charity, we have built up over 40 years an unparalleled range of information on daily living equipment and other useful advice for people who might need some help in living their live to the full

Disabled Parents Network logowww.disabledparentsnetwork.org.uk
Disabled Parents is a national organisation which aims to increase society’s acceptance of disability in parenthood and provide support information and advice to disabled parents and their families from other disabled parents.

Disabled Parents are here for all parents with a disability or long-term health challenge, helping disabled parent families to access appropriate support and grow in knowledge and self confidence.

Disabled persons Railcard Logowww.disabledpersons-railcard.co.uk
If you have a disability that makes travelling by train difficult you might qualify for the Disabled Persons Railcard.

The Disabled Persons Railcard allows you to get 1/3 off most rail fares throughout Great Britain. If you're travelling with an adult companion they also can get 1/3 off their rail fare - so you can save money for your friends too!

Disabled Photographer's societywww.disabledphotographer.co.uk
Disabled Photographer's society is a registered national charity founded in 1968. We promote photography for people with disabilities, or their carers, or groups or anyone with an interest in helping the disabled.

If you have a disability and want to enjoy photography We are here to help, advise and encourage you to overcome the difficulties and to take great photographs.

Disabled United Logowww.disabledunited.com
Community and fellowship site for disabled persons.

Disabled worker co-operative Logodisabledworkers.org.uk
The Disabled Workers Co-operative is a registered charity that helps disabled people to help themselves.

Dogs for disabled Logowww.dogsforthedisabled.org
Dogs for the Disabled is a pioneering charity that trains assistance dogs for children and adults with physical disabilities, and families with a child with autism.

Through practical tasks our dogs offer freedom and independence, but in addition an assistance dog becomes a reason to go out, giving a new found confidence that opens doors to fresh opportunities including friendships, hobbies, education and even careers. The partnerships we create between people with disabilities and dogs are life-changing.

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