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Midlothian Community Planning
Equalities Forum

Gorebridge workshop 15th June 2009

Actions to be taken from findings at workshop Information

  • Produce an information pack for disabled people from point of Diagnosis-Multi-Agency approach
  • Re Invigorate/Improve Midlothian council website in relation to information for disabled people including – link to Forward Mid web site by August 2009 www.forwardmid.org.uk

Accessible Environment

  • Develop an access panel in Midlothian(Keith Robertson, Sara Louise McLintock, Forward Mid
  • Run accessible transport event in Midlothian(Lindsay, to explain to wheelchair users the preferred way to travel).

Peer support

  • Develop a peer support network in Midlothian(forward mid, Voices of Carers across Lothian (VOCAL), Lothian centre for inclusive living

Accessible Transport

  • Lothian Community transport service: since the council provides grant aid to Lothian Community transport service it should hold Lothian Community transport service to account to provide fit for purpose facilities and maintain them
  • Handicabs – review service contracts that operate with Handicabs to make more effective utilisation of the cabs including hours of availability they could negotiate with individual users to meet unmet demands

Accessible Housing

  • Partnership:- Third sector, Statutory sector and Private sector. People coming together to hear about the needs from concept stage to building/implementing stage who understand what requirements need to be met
  • Ensure consultation between housing and access panel to happen around new Builds in Midlothian

Suitable Equipment

  • Develop an information pack which gives clear direction on who to contact for equipment, to receive as well as return if no longer required
  • Road Shows:- Independent living- run two events annually in Midlothian promoting new equipment, Contact Lothian Centre for inclusive living

Personal Assistance

  • Levels and types of personal assistance for disabled people are clearly communicated through a information pack
  • Midlothian council needs to work harder to ensure all council areas are aware of what each other are doing and communicate what they are doing for individual. Needs to ensure promotion across the council of what is available to assist individuals; E.G. web site brought into standards set by the world wide consortium (W3c) which the United Kingdom as signed up to


  • Promote increased access to correct benefits and entitlements if unable to work or only have low paid employment due to amount of paper work (Red Tape) and lack of knowledge or what and where help can be found


  • Council needs to rewrite service level agreement with further education colleges to include a specific proportion of people with additional support needs / complex support get places on courses. By June 2010young people with complex needs to be successfully supported to complete year one of further education. Council education and further education (Jewel & Esk college, Newbattle Abbey College) Reps to take lead


  • Identify local jobs in community to reduce need for travel and enable people to work in local area
  • Raise awareness of employees in general and the needs of people with disability in employment (Forward Mid has video)
  • Improve understanding and awareness in the workplace by employers, grants available – Council should take lead as one of the main employers in Midlothian
  • Increase the number of short term work placements in Midlothian council, especially for those with additional support needs (For example Midlothian Council takes lead as an employer providing work placements)


  • A review of rehabilitation and respite care for persons under 65 years

Peer Advocacy

  • Gather / Publish / provide information on disability in Midlothian council
  • Members of the equality forum must be the lead in Midlothian along with partner agencies for promoting improvements in disabilities. An Annual review by members for the forum to see progress reports that detail progress has been made and by who and what still needs to be addressed by all parties.

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