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Update Scotland

Update Scotland provide a comprehensive disability information service for Scotland by:

  • Providing organisations and agencies with a full range of disability related information that is relevant to Scotland.
  • Providing members of the public with general information and accurate contact details of appropriate local/specialist organisations.
  • Encouraging and supporting good practice in disability information and advice service.

Update Scotland formed in 1999, we are a user-led organisation, which provides a wide range of services to information providers in Scotland.

Update Scotland is controlled by disabled people and promotes the social model of disability. As such, we recognise that disability is caused by the barriers that people with impairments meet in everyday life.

Update Scotland believe that lack of information is one of the main barriers that disabled people face in society today.

Mission Statement:

To make a real contribution to ensuring that disabled people are able to participate fully as equal members of society by providing access to information that enables them to have the same choices and equality of opportunity as non-disabled people.

Our Aim

We aim to improve the quality of life for disabled people in Scotland by enabling information providers to offer accurate, up-to-date and relevant disability-related information.

Update Scotland logoYou can contact us:

Post:- Update Scotland
Hays Community Business Centre,
4 Hay Avenue,
Edinburgh, EH16 4AQ
Tel: Telephone logo 0131-669-1600
Website www.disabilityscot.org.uk/
Email email symbol info@update.org.uk

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