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Blue Badge Scheme in Midlothian

Sample of the new Blue BadgeThe Blue Badge Scheme provides parking concessions nationally and across Europe for people with a permanent and substantial disability, whether that person is the driver or a passenger. The holder of a Blue Badge is permitted to park in areas normally subject to restrictions and benefits those who are unable to walk great distances.

Brand new applicants for a Blue Badge can apply either online or by paper application form [BB 001]. If you use the printed form, you can send the completed form [with one colour passport-style photo with your name printed on the back] along with the supporting documents and £20 fee [except for those completing Section 3 payment is taken later] direct to the Travel Team at Midlothian House.

The fee can be paid by cheque or postal order if sent with your completed form by post to the Travel Team. The fee can be paid by cash, cheque, postal order or credit/debit card if you personally hand in the form at the counter at Buccleuch House in Dalkeith. The fee can be paid by cheque, postal order or credit/debit card if you personally hand in the form at the Mayfield Hub at the Library. Cheques must be made payable to “Midlothian Council”.

Online application is done via www.mygov.scot/apply-blue-badge. You will be able to enter personal details, answer an array of questions and arrange payment by credit/debit card. However, there is no facility to scan and store all the documents the Council needs to see, and at the conclusion of the online process, the system will create a list of items that you will need to take to the Council at either Buccleuch House, Dalkeith or Mayfield Hub at the Library.

A trvael hub in a Midlothian LibraryFor Blue Badge Renewals [after an existing Blue Badge expires] use the white form BB 002. Please do not attempt to use the online screen for anything other than brand new applications as this will result in delays in processing your request. Remembering to renew a Blue Badge is the badgeholder’s responsibility – no reminder letter is sent out by the Midlothian Travel Team.

For Blue Badge replacements [for lost, stolen or damaged cards] use the pink form BB 005. For Blue Badge Renewals [after an existing Blue Badge expires] use the white form BB 002. Please do not attempt to use the online screen for anything other than brand new applications as this will result in delays in processing your request. If the Blue Badge has been lost or stolen, this fact must be reported to Police Scotland. Contact a local police station or Phone 112. You will be required to maker a statement. The Police will give you a reference number to be quoted on the pink form. The Blue Badge is a legal document. Should it reappear you must inform the police. A damaged badge must be handed in with the pink form.

If you move address, then there is a form for that too! You need a green “Change or Circumstances” form [CC 001]. Use this to advise any changes in your personal details, from a change of address, to a change of name [getting married or divorced, for example]. Please use this form as soon as the circumstances change – do not wait until you need a Blue Badge renewal, for instance, before sending in the “Change of Circumstances” form. Complete and return your form and the Travel Team will update records for your Blue Badge, Bus Pass, Taxicard and Ring & Go.


Applicants will be automatically eligible for a Blue Badge if they can produce appropriate documentation dated within the previous 12 months. Complete sections 1, 2 and 7 if any of the following apply.

  • Registered blind.
  • High Rate of the Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance [DLA]
  • Personal Independence Payment [PIP] 8, 10 or 12 points in the “Moving Around” category
  • PIP – 12 points in the “Planning and Following Journeys” category
  • War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement
  • Armed Forces and reserve Forces Compensation Scheme Tariffs 1-8
  • Special arrangements for those in transition from DLA to PIP

Applicants should bring the original documents with their form if handing them in personally at Buccleuch House or Mayfield Hub. Original documents will be handed back to you after being checked by staff. Arrange for a certified photocopy of the documentation if you are posting the application form direct to the Travel Team at Midlothian House as originals sent by post will not be returned.

For those with a disability in both arms who have difficulty using parking meters or pay machines, please complete sections 1, 4 and 7.

For parents or guardians of applicants under the age of three who have a specific condition as detailed in the form, please complete sections 1, 5 and 7.

Further assessment will be needed for all applicants who do not fall within one of the above categories. Please complete sections 1, 3 and 7.

Circumstances covered by Section 3 “Subject to Further Assessment” include:

  • If you have a temporary mobility impairment which makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult for you to walk and which is likely to last for a period of at least 12 months
  • If you have been supplied with a wheelchair by the NHS
  • If your disability is substantial and means you are unable to walk or you experience considerable difficulty in walking.
  • If you cannot walk far without severe discomfort, stopping or receiving support from another person.

Sample of the new Blue BadgeApplicants completing Section 3 may be invited to an “Independent Mobility Assessment” with a medical professional appointed by the Council. Assessments do not involve any physical examination. The applicant can take a spouse or companion with them for support.

All assessments in Midlothian take place at Bonnyrigg Health Centre. You will receive a letter from the Travel Team giving you a date and time to attend. If you cannot make the appointment, please let the Travel Team know as soon as possible as they may be able to offer your time slot to someone else. A couple of assessment sessions are held each month and most Section 3 applicants are seen within four to six weeks.

The doctor will decide to accept or reject the application. You will be notified of the result by the Travel Team by email, phone or letter. If your application is accepted, you will need to make arrangements to pay the £20 Blue Badge fee. If the application is rejected, you will be advised of the appeal procedure if you are unhappy with the outcome.

A pilot scheme that ran from April 2016 to December 2017 for those with a Mental Disorder or Cognitive Impairment it has now been made permanent. The Scottish Government has introduced additional eligibilities to the Blue Badge scheme. Dedicated paper forms BB 003 for the pilot scheme [updated from 1 April 2017] are available at all Midlothian libraries, main Council offices, health centres at Pathhead and Penicuik, the Midlothian Community Hospital and the Rosewell Development Trust.

Assistance in filling out the Blue Badge scheme forms can be obtained from Citizens Advice Bureau

Completed forms should be posted to the Travel Team at:

Midlothian Council Travel Team
2nd Floor
Midlothian House
Dalkeith, EH22 1DN.

Tel: Telephone logo 0131 561 5455 or Email: email symbol ptu@midlothian.gov.uk.

Contact Details

Tel: Telephone logo 0131 561 5455
Web site: www.midlothian.gov.uk and use the search to look for apply for Blue Badge

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