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Midlothian Physical Disability Planning Group

What is this?

Midlothian – it covers the whole of Midlothian.

Physical Disability – People who consider themselves physically disabled including sensory impairments.

Planning Group – the Planning Group is made up of representatives from Midlothian Council, NHS Lothian, voluntary organisations representing disabled people and carers, organisations that provide services for them. They meet every 8 weeks and are responsible for producing an Action Plan and ensuring that the actions in it are delivered.

Midlothian Physical Disability Action Plan 2016 - 2019

This 3 year Action Plan aims to better the lives of disabled people and carers by improving the services they need to participate fully and equally in society. This plan was developed by disabled people, carers and those who provide the services that they use working together, sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise.

This Action Plan is based on the Rights of Independent Living

The 2016 - 2019 action plan can be download the please choose from Midlothian Physical Diability Planning Group Action Plan 2016 - 2019(PDF 1763KB) Print quality. Midlothian Physical Diability Planning Group Action Plan 2016 - 2019(PDF 725KB) Electronc device quality.

The 2012 - 2015 Action Plan can be download Midlothian Joint Physical & Complex Disability Action Plan 2012 - 2015(PDF 338KB).

Should you wish any further information or wish to be involved in this group and its activities please contact:
Jayne Lewis
Tel: Telephone logo 0131-271-3665
Email: email symbol jayne.lewis@midlothian.gov.uk

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