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Inclusion Scotland

Inclusion Scotland (IS) is a consortium of disability organisations, individual disabled people and social partners who share our aims. We work towards eradicating the barriers

  • physical
  • economic
  • cultural
  • attitudinal

which prevent disabled people being fully included in society.

Inclusion Scotland (IS) was founded in 2001, as a direct response to calls from the grass roots of the disability movement for a new national organisation. It is run by disabled people themselves for, as we have the experience of disability, we are best placed to speak out on the issues that are important to us and affect our daily lives. Already over 60 disability groups from throughout Scotland have joined in partnership with us.


  • To ensure the views of disabled people are heard and taken seriously by policy makers and to keep open the lines of communication.
  • To be a proactive rather than a reactive organisation.
  • To raise public awareness of social inclusion issues including the barriers – physical or social – society erects which disable people.
  • To bring about positive change in how disabled people are viewed in our society and to achieve inclusion for disabled people in Scotland.
  • To help and support other disability organisations and disabled individuals by offering practical advice on how to dismantle the barriers to inclusion.

Nothing About Us. Without Us.

Tel: Telephone logo 0141 221 7589
Email: email symbol info@inclusionscotland.org
we have a regularly updated website: www.inclusionscotland.org
You can also follow our work by ‘liking’ us on Facebook.
Charity No. SC 031619

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