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Forward Mid

Forward Mid is an active, vibrant and purposeful group of people whose aim is to improve the lives of physically disabled people in Midlothian - either at home, at work or in the wider community. We are THE forum for disabled people and disability related equality issues in Midlothian.

Forward Mid meet supportively and informally to discuss and recognise the local issues around health, social care, education, employment, transport, self-directed support and other areas of importance to disabled citizens and how these affect their lives.

Forward Mid aims to raise the awareness of the challenges and opportunities which exist for disabled people both locally and nationally:

  • Forward Mid actively promote the rights of disabled people by working in partnership with public and private organisations representing the interests of disabled people.
  • Forward Mid share wealth of useful information on issues that affect disabled people; publishing and distributing bi-monthly newsletter and maintain a website.
  • Forward Mid co-ordinate community library hubs across Midlothian. These provide a source of first-class information and resources for disabled people.
  • Forward Mid are members of several council and health planning groups including Midlothian’s Joint Physical Disability Planning Group.
  • Forward Mid Logo 2018Forward Mid operate a monthly peer support community café - Café Connect.

Forward Mid – working hard to give disabled people more choices, more control, more dignity and more freedom

If you want to be part of what we do, please get in touch by contacting Eric Telephone logo 0131 663 9471 or Iain Telephone logo 01875 825 937

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